Enjoying Your Life in Japan


1Introduction to Naka Ward

1-1Introduction to Naka Ward

  • Naka Ward in Spring
  • Naka Ward in Summer
  • Naka Ward in Fall
  • Naka Ward in Winter
  • Among Yokohama’s 18 ward’s, Naka Ward is located along the coast and is the center for the city’s administrative offices.
    Additionally, it contains many of Yokohama’s popular tourist attractions and historic buildings.

1-2The Status of Naka Ward’s Foreign Residents

Ratio of foreign population in Naka Ward
  • Foreign residents of various residential statuses make up 10% of Naka Ward’s population, totaling over 15,000 foreign residents.
  • These residents come from over 90 different countries and regions.

2 Town Events and Institutions

2-1Tourism Information

Yokohama city and Naka Ward have many tourist attractions and hold various fun events.

2-2Libraries, Parks, and Exercise

There are libraries, parks, and places you can exercise.

2-3Participate in Regional Events

  • Getting to know the people in your neighborhood will improve your daily life.
  • There are many regional activities that you can feel free to participate in. This is a good opportunity to mingle with local people on those occasions.
  • To encourage residents to interact, we hold various events that both children and adults can enjoy including Bon Festival Dance, Summer Festival, sports days, bazaars and radio calisthenics meets.
  • Mochi Pounding

    Mochi Pounding&Rice Cake Making

  • Shrine Parade

    Shrine Parade

  • Neighborhood Cleaning

    Neighborhood Cleaning

  • Disaster Drills

    Disaster Drills

2-4Participating in Neighborhood Associations

  • “Neighborhood Associations” are local, independent, self-governing organizations lead by residents. Anyone is welcome to participate.

2-5Multilingual Information (Information in Foreign Languages)

  • Naka Ward Office publishes four “Multilingual Newsletters” in English and Chinese every year.

3Interpretation, Translation, and Consultation

  • Requesting Translation
  • Legal Counseling
  • Labor Counseling
    There are locations that offer consultation on conflicts with your company.