Everyday Concerns


1Post Offices and Banks

Post Office

1-1Post Offices

  • The symbol for the Japanese post offices and mailboxes is “〒”.
  • You can send letters and packages domestically and internationally.
  • Notify the post office if you move house. Your mail will be forwarded to the new address for a period of one year.


  • You can open a bank account at an office.
  • You can transfer money to make deposits, send transfers, pay utility bills, etc.
  • If there is a change to your address, duration of stay, residency status, or other information, immediately contact the bank.


2-1Searching for a Job

  • There are places to consult on job hunting or employment insurance.

2-2When Working

  • Before working in Japan, research your residence status, employment status (regular employee, temporary employee, etc.), the employment contract, and salary.
  • There are laws and company regulations regarding salary, working hours, vacations, etc.

3Living with Children

3-1Pregnancy through Birth

  • Once the hospital confirms a pregnancy, contact the Children and Families Support Division at the ward office to receive a “Mother and Child Health Booklet.” There are also Mother and Child Health Booklets available in multiple languages.
  • Along with the Mother and Child Health Booklets, you will receive a ticket. This will lower the cost of maternal and pediatric physical exams.

3-2Raising Children (Before Elementary School)

  • There are locations that offer childcare and education prior to elementary school including daycares and kindergartens.
Compulsory Education

3-3Compulsory Education
(Elementary~Junior High School)

  • Elementary through Junior High school education is compulsory. Please research what a parent/guardian should know about procedures for entering or transferring schools and Japanese language education (native language support, Japanese language learning support center “Himawari,” International Classrooms).

3-4High School and Beyond

  • Those continuing to high school or university must take an entrance exam.
  • For those who graduated Junior High School abroad and wish to enter high school in Japan

3-5Career and Education Counseling

  • There are consultation services for those who would like career counseling or to learn more about Japanese schools.